Annual MIDAS meeting will be organised by GANIL team in Caen, France, 26-27th June, 2019. Logistical information can be found here.

Agenda of the meeting can be found here.

Minutes of the meeting can be found here.


GANIL authority: Welcome at GANIL                                            

H. Koivisto: Status of MIDAS-NA: presentation and discussion

S. Biri: Status of activities at Atomki

R. Racz: Plasma diagnostic at the Atomki Laboratory                                           

V. Toivanen: Summary of the latest ion source developments at JYFL

T. Thuillier: Status of activity at LPSC                                                

K. Tinschert: Report on ECRIS activities

A. Megía: Report  of UCLM Plasma Laboratory

C. Barué: Status of metallic beam production at GANIL

L. Maunoury: 1+/N+ applied to metallic ion beam production

M. Lewitowicz, presentation by P. Jardin: ERINS: global orientations                                                          

H. Koivisto: ERINS/IBIS task1 presentation

A. Ghribi: ERINS/IBIS task2 presentation 

C. Barué/L. Maunoury: Subtask 1.1 : Development of solid ion beams

H. Koivisto: Subtask1.2 : R&D for higher intensity beams from ECR ion sources

S. Biri: Subtask 1.3 : Improvement of ion beam temporal stability

P. Jardin: Conclusion