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MUCIS is one of the first high current gaseous ion sources used at GSI for beamtime operation. It is a filament driven ion source with non-axial filament configuration. It has two filament holders which are equipped with 3 spiral tantalum filaments and placed symmetrically relatively to the beam axis. The multi-cusp field is realized by 60 SmCo-magnets (1.8 Tesla). In addition one can apply a confining field of up to 0.1 Tesla with an external magnetic coil. MUCIS is universal source for production of all types of gaseous ions (light and heavy gases).

Plasma generatorDimensions: ø 205 x 215 mm
 Multi-cusp magnetic confinement
 Magnetic electron repeller
 2 x 3 Ta-filaments
Extraction systemTriode, Multi aperture: 13 x ø 3 mm
 Aspect ratio: 0.5
 Extraction voltage: up to 33 kV
 Post-acceleration: up to 150 kV
Operation parametersArc current: up to 200 A
 Emission current density: up to 180 mA/cm2
 Typical duty cycle: 5 Hz, 1 ms
Working gasH2, D2, He, CH4, Ne, N2, Ar, Kr, Xe
HistoryIn operation at GSI: since 1987
 Developer: GSI, H. Wituschek

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