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Several hands-on training workshops will be organized within the MIDAS-NA project in several laboratories:




Implemented hands-on-trainings:

UCLM hands-on-training: LT plasma diagnostics 2, 4-6.12.2018 (report, slideshow).

KVI-CART hands-on-training: Beam Transport I-II: 9-11.10.2018, and 16-18.10. 2018 (report).

UCLM hands-on-training: LT plasma diagnostics 1, 25-27.09.2018 (report).

ATOMKI hands-on-training: Langmuir probe 2, 20-21.6.2018 (report).

GSI hands-on-training: Oven, 13-15.03.2018 (report).

LPSC hands-on-training: Charge breeder and oven, 23-25.1.2018 (report).

GSI hands-on-trainings Microwave 12-14.12.2017, and 27.02-01.03.2018 (report).

ATOMKI hands-on-training 8-12.5.2017 (report).

JYFL hands-on-training for plasma diagnostics 5-7.12. 2016, and 7-9.12.2016 (report).

JYFL hands-on-training for MIVOC 5-7.12.2016, and 7-9.12.2016 (report).

GANIL hands-on-training 15-17.11.2016 (report).

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