Place: GSI, Planckstraße 1, 64291, Darmstadt

Duration: 3 days

Maximum participants: 4


The participants will gain practical knowledge about the handling of microwave devices and components to be used to increase the production of highly charged ion current of ECRISs. During the training the main issues about microwave generators, resonance cavities and coaxial/waveguide components will be explained to instruct the participants about the suitable components for the assembly of microwave lines for plasma generation. The  participants will get instructions about microwave measurement devices, i.e. Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer and Power Meter, and they will perform microwave characterization of active and passive devices. The training  includes the operating of the ECRIS under different operation modes like frequency tuning by sweeping the microwave frequency and double frequency heating by combining two microwave generators. The participants will actively switch on the ion source, control it, tune the main parameters and analyze the effects of the tuning on the extracted ion current. At the end of the training the participants will be able to identify the necessary microwave components to assemble a microwave line to run an ECRIS under the above mentioned operating modes. They will understand how to handle frequency generators, and high power microwave amplifiers, and how to use them for the performance optimization of ECRISs.

Plan of activities

First day: The participants will attend a introductive seminar about the objective of the training, about the microwave components they will handle, about the CAPRICE‐type ECRIS and the test bench. Then they will get the safety instructions mandatory to work in the test area. The training takes place inside the test bench where the microwave generators and the coaxial/waveguide components are installed and where the participants will get all the features and the details of each component.

Second day: The participants will assemble a coaxial/waveguide line and, after getting instruction about the microwave measurement devices to be handled, they will perform  measurements of insertion losses of coaxial/waveguide components, and power and frequency measurements.

Third day: The participants will switch on the CAPRICE ECRIS, they will generate plasma and they will tune the main parameters of the ion source to get a stable ion beam. Then they will optimize the highly charged ion production by tuning the microwave frequency according to the frequency tuning technique. Then a second microwave generator will be used to run the ion source in the double frequency mode. Finally the participants will analyze the results of these techniques by comparing the charge distributions of the ions



GSI hands on training-microwaves - introduction


GSI Hands-on-Training- Microwaves - Report


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