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Initial proposal of Hands-on-Training

Nickel beam production with Phoenix V2 ion source at GANIL

Place:  GANIL, Boulevard Henri Becquerel, BP 55027, F-14076 CAEN Cedex 05

Duration: 3 days, Maximum participants: 4

Expected date: 1rst session (finished), 2nd session to be precised in 2017



The ion source Phoenix V2 is being commissioning for the SPIRAL 2 facility. The nominal intensity of 50 µA 40Ar14+ at 60 kV is expected in the next few months coming. Then, the first metallic beam 58Ni19+ at 61 kV will be optimized and validated by producing a stable beam intensity of 19 µA (1 pµA). This beam should be available for LINAC tests in June 2016.

The participants will gain practical knowledge in a resistive oven (1600°C) mounting and nickel load preparation. The start-up and the optimization of the ion source for nickel will be practiced as well.

If for some planning reasons the training could not be done with Phoenix V2, the GANIL  ion source ECR4 working at 100 kV will be used (58Ni9+).


Plan of Activities:

First day: After an introduction on the techniques used at GANIL to produce the different metallic ions, the oven technique will be presented. Then the participants will attend the 1600°C resistive oven mounting and learn about the nickel sample preparation.

Second day: The oven loaded with nickel will be introduced into the ion source. The ion source will be started until the nickel beam apparition. The oven temperature will be increased above the Curie temperature of Ni without the axial magnetic field of the ion source, in order to avoid the Nickel sample escapes from the oven. Then the ion source parameters (buffer gaz, PRF) will be progressively increased to avoid metal over-evaporation.     

Third day: The participants will switch on the ion source optimization for charge state 19+ of Ni. The buffer gaz, the micro-wave power, and the oven temperature will be investigated to reach the maximum intensity on this charge state. A debriefing will take place at the end of the day to summarize the behaviors observed during the Ni19+ optimization and to identify the main points the users have to take into consideration to implement effciently the oven technique.

Hands-on 1st session 15-17 November 2016:

Place: GANIL, Boulevard Henri Becquerel, BP 55027, F-­14076 CAEN Cedex 05

Participants: D. Cortazar (UCLM), M. Gigliore (LPSC), P. Hajdu (ATOMKI), H. Koïvisto (JYFL), R. Lang (GSI), V. Toivanen (GANIL).

Below is the presentation "introduction to the hands-on training Fe production at GANIL":

> GPI-2016-064 Hands-on training Fe Production at GANIL.pdf

Below is the report on this first hands-on training:

> GPI-2016-065 Report hands-on training at GANIL - Iron production with oven method.docx

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