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The MIVOC system at JYFL consists of a glass tube/sample chamber (piece A in pictures), a rough dosing valve (B), a stainless steel tube (C) and a valve system (D and E). The glass tube with the volatile material is connected through the dosing valve to the 50 cm long, 15 mm ID stainless tube, which conducts the material into the plasma chamber. The gate valve E is used to open a gateway to the main vacuum of the ion source. The additional valves in the connection piece D allows rough pumping of the MIVOC and/or oven system used at JYFL before opening valve E to minimize gas load to the plasma chamber while changing injected materials. The connection piece D also contains a double shaft seal with rough intermediate pumping, which allows sliding in the MIVOC system, while under high vacuum. Note: conductance C [l/s] between the volatile sample and plasma chamber has to be high enough to guarantee sufficient molecule flow into the ECRIS plasma!



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