This page contains information about on-going projects in participant laboratories.


  • Project for 28 GHz ECRIS

  • Replacement of 14.5 GHz ECRIS by 18 GHz ECRIS


  • High performance f>=28 GHz ECRIS project
  • 60 GHz ECRIS project
  • Booster development to enhance CSD


  • Tests for V, Si and K
  • Hot screen development for 48-Ca recycling

  • Development with ECR4 and ECR4M

  • Beam intensity and stability development for Ni-19+ ion beam


  • Commissioning and further development of HIISI
  • Development of plasma diagnostics
  • Plasma research: plasma instability and light emission
  • Development of ion beam formation and stability
  • Further development of metal ion beam production (foil oven, inductively heated oven, sputtering, MIVOC)


  • Further developement of Xenon production
  • Beam intensity, stability and reproducibility
  • Phase-space studies


  • Development of diagnostics for ECR plasmas
  • Study of plasma configurations and distributions


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