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The JYFL 18 GHz ECR ion source (HIISI) has been designed and constructed by the JYFL ion source group. The source was constructed in our own workshop, but the main components were obtained commercially. The first plasma in the source was on 10.4.2017, and the commissioning was started in September, 2017. For more information see: 

H. Koivisto, O. Tarvainen, T. Kalvas, K. Ranttila, P. Heikkinen, D. Xie, G. Machicoane, T. Thuillier, V. Skalyga, I. Izotov, HIISI, new 18 GHz ECRIS for the JYFL accelerator laboratory, Proceedings of ECRIS-2014 (JACOW), Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, (2015), p. TUOMMH05, ISBN 978-3-95450-158-8.

T. Kalvas, O. Tarvainen, H. Koivisto, K. Ranttila, Thermal design of refridgerated hexapole 18 GHz ECRIS HIISI, Proceedings of ECRIS-2014 (JACOW), Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, (2015), p. WEOMMH04, ISBN 978-3-95450-158-8.

H. Koivisto, T. Kalvas, O. Tarvainen, J. Komppula, J. Laulainen, R. Kronholm, K. Ranttila, J. Tuunanen, T. Thuillier, D. Xie and G. Machicoane, Ion source research and development at University of Jyväskylä: Studies of different plasma processes and towards the higher beam intensities, Rev. of Sci. Instrum., 87(2), (2016), 02A725.


Main parameters

Volume of plasma chamber3.1 litres
Plasma volume0.36 litres

Microwave frequency

18/14 GHz
Typical max. microwave power2000/400 W

Typical max. acceleration voltage

20 kV
Base vacuum8e-8 mbar
BECR0.64 T


2.8 T
BMIN0.44 T
Hexapole temperature

-20 - +15˚C

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