Annual MIDAS meeting will be organised by UCLM team in Toledo, Spain, 23-24th May, 2018.

The meeting will take place in the Campus Fabrica de Armas of UCLM in Toledo. The name of the meeting building is Sabatini. The location of the venue can be seen using link: Meeting venue.

The program of the meeting can be seen here.

The minutes of the Toledo meeting can be seen here.

Presentations from the meeting

Status reports:

Discussion about technical problems and challenges:

C. Barue, GANIL, "Oven obstruction"

P. Salou, Pantechnik, Demands for metallic beams, carbon recycling, see Pantechnik report above.

Summary/list of problems

Collaboration proposals:

T. Thuillier, LPSC, "The 60 GHz ECRIS project", See LPSC report above.

H. Koivisto, JYFL, "High resolution spectrometer (OES) and highly charged plasma"

H. Koivisto, JYFL, "Inductively heated oven for metal ion beams"

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